Useful information for beginners

New to the club? That’s alright, read on to know all about bowls, where you can buy them and our recommendations for suitable footwear and clothing…


More info

There are a lot of different bowls on the market. A range of sizes and weights are available from all manufacturers.




Drakes Pride




It is advisable to try different makes and types before buying. Once a make and size has been decided upon, local suppliers can be found via the internet. Second-hand bowls are a good first buy and these can be bought readily on EBAY.

Ready to bowl?

There are several ways to hold the bowl in the palm of the hand and it will very much depend on individual comfort. Each bowl has a bias. This means that the bowl can bend either to the right or the left, depending on whether you bowl forehand or backhand. The side of the bias is indicated on the bowl by the smaller emblem.


Shoes must be flat soled – no ridges or heels.

Club branded polo shirts can be ordered through the Club, as can branded waterproof and windproof jackets. Non club jackets must be predominantly white.

Bowls, clothing and footwear can be bought from B&H Midland, Melton Mowbray and The Bowls Shop in Nottingham. Other suppliers are Burton Bowls Centre and Shotbowl, Market Deeping.

You should also note that items can be bought online from websites, i.e. Amazon and good quality second hand items can sometimes be found at Club level.