Fixtures 2022

Mick McAuliffe Peregrines Team Captain

Mens Bowls Loughborough

Monday Afternoon League Division 2

Team TeamDateVenue
Brush PeregrinesQuornApril 25thHome
St Margaret's MaggiesBrush PeregrinesMay 9thAway
Queens Park Brush PerergrinesMay 23rdAway
Brush PeregrinesWymeswoldMay 30thHome
Brush PeregrinesSt Margaret's SaintsJune 13thHome
Rothley Brush PerergrinesJune 20thAway
Brush PerergrinesGreenfieldsJune 27thHome
Quorn Brush PerergrinesJuly 4thAway
Brush PeregrinesSt Margarets MaggiesJuly 11thHome
Brush PeregrinesQueens ParkJuly 18thHome
WymeswoldBrush PeregrinesAugust 1stAway
St Margaret's SaintsBrush PeregrinesAugust 8thAway
Brush PeregrinesRothleyAugust 15thHome
GreenfieldsBrush PeregrinesAugust 22ndAway
Dave Hinton
Hawks Team Captain

Mens Bowls Loughborough

Monday Afternoon League Division 4

FossewayBrush HawksApril 25thAway
Brush HawksQuornMay 9thHome
Brush HawksKeyworthMay 23rdHome
BYEBrush HawksJune 13thAway
Brush HawksSoar Valley SpitfiresJune 20thHome
GreenfieldsBrush HawksJune 27thAway
Brush HawksFossewayJuly 4thHome
QuornBrush HawksJuly 11thAway
KeyworthBrush HawksJuly 18thAway
Brush HawksBYEAugust 8thHome
Soar Valley SpitfiresBrush HawksAugust 15thAway
Brush HawksGreenfieldsAugust 22ndHome
Lesley McAuliffe
Kestrels Team Captain

Ladies bowls loughborough league

Tuesday Morning 10.00 AM

Brush KestrelsBYEApril 26thHome
ShepshedBrush KestrelsMay 3rdAway
Brush KestrelsSoar ValleyMay 10thHome
Brush KestrelsKeyworthMay 17thHome
SilebyBrush KestrelsMay 24thAway
Brush KestrelsEast LeakeMay 31stHome
KegworthBrush KestrelsJune 7thAway
Brush KestrelsWymeswoldJune 14thHome
Brush KestrelsBYEJune 21stHome
BYEBrush KestrelsJune 28thAway
Brush KestrelsShepshedJuly 5thHome
Soar ValleyBrush KestrelsJuly 12thAway
KeyworthBrush KestrelsJuly 19thAway
Brush KestrelsSilebyJuly 26thHome
East LeakeBrush KestrelsAugust 2ndAway
Brush KestrelsKegworthAugust 9thHome
WymeswoldBrush KestrelsAugust 16thAway
Brush KestrelsAugust 23rdAway
David Whitt
Falcons Team Captain

coalville and district

Tuesday Afternoon Over 60’s Open League 

TeamTeam DateVenue
Brush FalconsScotlandsMay 24thHome
MeashamBrush FalconsMay 31stAway
Brush FalconsWhitwickJune 7thHome
DesfordBrush FalconsJune 14thAway
Brush FalconsPhoenixJune 21stHome
Brush FalconsCoalvilleJune 28tHome
ScotlandsBrush FalconsJuly 5thAway
Brush FalconsMeashamJuly 19thHome
WhitwickBrush FalconsJuly 26thAway
Brush FalconsDesfordAugust 2ndhome
PhoenixBrush FalconsAugust 9thAway
CoalvilleBrush FalconsAugust 16thAway
Brian Bentley
Buzzards Team Captain

Wymeswold Mixed league

Wednesday Evening

Brush BuzzardsSystonApril 20thHome
WyneswoldsBrush BuzzardsApril 27thAway
Brush BuzzardsGothamMay 4thHome
Brush BuzzardsQuornMay 11thHome
ShepshedBrush BuzzardsMay 18thAway
Brush BuzzardsThringstoneMay 25thHome
ShearersBrush BuzzardsJune 1stAway
Brush BuzzardsEast LeakeJune 8thHome
Brush BuzzardsKegworthJune 15thHome
SystonBrush BuzzardsJune 22ndAway
Brush BuzzardsWymeswoldJune 29thHome
GothamBrush BuzzardsJuly 6thAway
QuornBrush BuzzardsJuly 13thAway
Brush BuzzardsShepshedJuly 20thHome
ThringstoneBrush BuzzardsJuly 27thAway
Brush BuzzardsShearersAugust 3rdHome
East LeakeBrush BuzzardsAugust 10thAway
KegworthBrush BuzzardsAugust 17thAway
Pete Chambers Harriers Team Captain


Thursday Open League

BarlestoneBrush HarriersMay 12thAway
Brush HarriersAshby CMay 26thHome
ScotlandsBrush HarriersJune 2ndAway
WymeswoldBrush HarriersJune 9thAway
Brush HarriersThringstoneJune 23rdHome
BarlestoneBrush HarriersJune 30thAway
Brush HarriersCoalville BJuly 7thHome
Brush HarriersScotlandsJuly 21stHome
ThringstoneBrush HarriersAugust 4thAway
Brush HarriersWymeswoldAugust 11thHome
Coalville BBrush HarriersAugust 18thAway
Ashby CBrush HarriersAugust 25thAway
Chris Jackson Eagles Team Captain

Mens Bowls loughborough

Thursday Evening League Division 3

Queens Park CarillonersBrush EaglesApril 21stAway
Brush EaglesBYEApril 28thHome
Shepshed SouthBrush EaglesMay 5thAway
Brush EaglesValoarsMay 12thHome
Brush EaglesSileby SwiftsMay 19thHome
Soar ValleyBrush EaglesMay 26thAway
Brush EaglesKegworthJune 9thHome
Brush EaglesWymeswold WoldsJune 16thHome
Quorn MillersBrush EaglesJune 23rdAway
Brush EaglesQueens Park CarillonersJuly 7thHome
Brush EaglesBYEJuly 21stHome
Brush EaglesShepshed SouthJuly 28thHome
Sileby SwiftsBrush EaglesAugust 4thAway
Soar Valley ValoarsBrush EaglesAugust 11thAway
Brush EaglesSoar ValleyAugust 18thHome
KegworthBrush EaglesAugust 25thAway
Wymeswold WoldsBrush EaglesSeptember 1stAway
Brush EaglesQuorn MillersSeptember 8thHome
Mick Spencer,
Team Captain

Mixed Friendlies

Saturday Afternoon

AshbyBrushApril 16thAway
Queens ParkBrushApril 23rdAway
BrushNew LountApril 30thHome
Brookfield Electric*Brush*May 7th*Away*
Brush Kirby MuxloeMay 14thHome
East LeakeBrushMay 21stAway
SilebyBrushMay 28thAway
Long EatonBrushJune 4thAway
Brush KeyworthJune 11thHome
Brush East LeakeJune 18thHome
Brush PhoenixJune 25thHome
Brush St. Margeret'sJuly 2ndHome
Brush SilebyJuly 9thHome
BrushCoalvilleJuly 16thHome
Brush ShepshedJuly 23rdHome
ShepshedBrushJuly 30thAway
KeyworthBrushAugust 6thAway
CoalvilleBrush August 13thAway
BrushHollwellAugust 20thHome
Brush Long EatonAugust 27thHome
Sutton BoningtonBrushSeptember 3rdAway
Brush Sutton BoningtonSeptember 10th Home
New Lount*Brush*Septembers 17th*Away*
Phoenix BrushSeptember 24th Away
BrushBirstallOctober 1stHome
ThringstoneBrush FRIDAY September 30th - evening match 6.30pm startAway
All start at 2.30pm except those marked * which start at 2.00pm